Monday, July 13, 2009


After a busy work week, I have some primed Sisters waiting for me to paint them, so tonight will be a painting night. Now that I have the old Canoness model, the one with a Combi-Flamer, and some older Sister Superiors, all I need is the old Standard Bearer, 2 Melta guns, a Seraphim with Hand Flamers, Sister Celestine, and I'll be pretty close to complete. After that, I am at a crossroads. Do I add more squads of Sisters? Do I add some Retributers or Immolators? Do I add Witch Hunters or Imperial Guard? I will, hopefully, get some gaming time in before I make that decision.


  1. Ah so playing some juke joint jezzabells huh? (insert drum rim shot here) well from what I hear the majority of list now and days are running mech heavy, which if im not mistaken sisters are fairly well suited for dealing with that, that being said the next step would depend on your list. Do you have alot of troops with which to grab objectives? if not then some cheap IG in a transport might be the way to go( assuming they are counted as troops choices I dont have the WH codex so this is based purely on assumption)to grab or contest an objective while you opponent worries more about your sisters.

    Just a thought I might have to take a look at the witch hunters codex to see what kind of tricks they have to them to give you a better answear.

  2. It would be much appreciated if you did. I am so out of the loop.