Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Forest

I have started painting some of my Cadians, just for kicks. I did it primarily to test the Deneb Stone and Devlan Mud paints we picked up at 31st Century Games, in Olathe, KS. I also picked up a three pack of Sisters, since they did not have the minis I am really looking for: Sister Superiors, Heavy Flamers, Heavy Bolters, Flamers, Meltaguns, or Seraphim with Hand Flamers. I would have even picked up some Imagifers. I am very happy that I have most of what I need for an army, because the capital to start a Sisters army is quite high. Speaking of high...
I bought the last two White Dwarf issues I will purchase until there is an issue with Dwarf or Sisters or Wood Elf content. The magazine is nice, and I have over 100 of them, but without any content I can really use, $9 is way too high for me. Even the subscription price is too high. No lie, I get 50+ issues of Entertainment Weekly and 26 issues of Rolling Stone for $10 a year or less. My Rolling Stone sub was a year for me and a year for Ryan for $15. $90 is two more squads of Sisters or some tanks or a renovation of my paint collection or some more Cadians to use as Allies. I will miss you White Dwarf, but the lack of tangible game rules or applicable hobby tips makes you a luxury I cannot abide.

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