Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Motor Pool

So, I got an interesting package in the mail today. A guy sent me the old Immolator, a set of new Immolator bitz, and a set of old Whirlwind bitz, all in pristine shape. Greatness! I plan on assembling the old style Immolator as such and using the other bitz to make an Exorcist and an Immolator out of two standard Rhinos. Currently, I have three complete Immolators, still in the box, and the bitz to convert two more from Rhinos. A fellow in England sent me more of the metal Immolator bitz, so my motor pool looks like this:

1 Exorcist, completed
1 Exorcist, bitz need Rhino chassis
3 "New" Immolators, complete and unassembled
1 "Old" Immolator, complete and unassembled
3 "New" Immolators, bitz need Rhino chassis
1 "Old" Immolator, bitz need Rhino chassis

If I spring for some bitz store Rhinos, the kind without the accessory sprue, I can get them for $15. I need 5, so that is $75 or so. When I pick those up, I will have 2 Exorcists and 8 Immolators. Awesome!

Now, obviously, that is a lot of Immolators. What I will more likely do is go more along the lines of 2 Exorcists, 4 Immolators, and 4 Rhinos. All I really need now are some Sisters...

Want List:
8 Storm Bolter Sisters
4 Meltagun Sisters
1 Seraphim with Hand Flamers

Well, off to the grocery store.

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