Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in the Fold

During my unexpected bout of unemployment, still ongoing, I drifted away from Warhammer 40k. Between going to the unemployment office, filling out applications, and going to interviews, I have not been in the mood for miniatures. Instead, I have spent the majority of my free time playing video games and writing about them for www.diehardgamefan.com.

Miniatures gaming is something I have always done as a form of meditation. Put on some soft music and paint with my wife. When I am agitated or in poor spirits, it is hard for me to paint. Maybe it is because I am not a naturally gifted painter, but it takes a lot of concentration for me to achieve the dizzying heights of mediocrity with my painting, let alone something I would like to share with others.

This week, however, I find myself drawn back to my Sisters of Battle. While I will likely not return to my Dwarfs until after 8th Edition launches, my Sisters are untouched by rules changes. Plus, without a community of Sisters players to influence me, I can endeavor in the creation of a different sort of Sisters army. I see Storm Bolters in my future. Lots of Storm Bolters...

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