Monday, October 11, 2010

Beardy Git

After my devastating loss to Shane, I am definitely in the Warhammer mood again. He salved my wounds with 3 unpainted Marauder Dwarfs, which will find a home in my Black Oak Regulars unit. The Black Oak Regulars are a unit of Dwarf Warriors with hand weapons and shields, the most basic sort of fellows, really. The difference being in the painting and composition of the unit. I am using only metal dwarfs and no repeats. In a unit of 25 that is not too hard to pull off. The theme is that these particular Dwarfs are the patrons of a tavern, the Black Oak Barrel Tavern, and defend it as needed. The only real conversions I have planned for the unit are the standard bearer and a Thane to join them.

For the standard bearer, I plan on using a tavern sign from one of the Warhammer buildings mounted on copper tubing and placed in the hands of an old standard bearer. For the Thane, I plan on putting a pins in his feet and making two bases for him: a basic one and a big black oak barrel for him to stand on. The idea being that the barrel could double for an Oathstone.

I am pondering whether or not to use craft sticks for the bases to give a tavern floor effect or to go with sawdust. Decisions, decisions...

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